One wallet for all your crypto needs

DGTL wallet enables users to manage all their crypto and digital assets with the Digitalatto multi-wallet application seamlessly

Fiat Payments

Buy crypto via Debit/Credit card or fiat currency

Instant Exchange

With the power of atomic exchange now convert your crypto with lightning speed

Private & Secured

Digitalatto provide full wallet control to user and all data is private

HOW TO Get Started

New to Crypto? No problem.

We simplified the wallet for millions of crypto users. Buy, Sell & manage your assets from anywhere in the world
  • Create an account- Sign up online

  • Secure your account-To keep your assets safe, and to prevent identity theft or fraud

  • Send/Receive, Exchange & Swap crypto instantly 

Trade Smarter. Faster. Easier.

DGTL wallet has everything you need to buy, sell, store, earn and trade crypto
  • Multichain -wallet application
  • Instant Transactions
  • Swap one crypto to another easily 
  • Buy any crypto on the supported chains using another crypto 
  • Cross-chain p2p exchange
Cross-chain bridge

Cross-chain support with built-in Atomic Swaps

The ability to transfer tokens cross-chain is an essential need. DGTL wallet allows users to transfer their funds from one blockchain network to another.

Here is an example

  • BTC -> ETH
  • ETH -> BNB
Always protected

Complete online security, on all of your devices

DGTL wallet generates passwords and keys on your device, so only you have access to your accounts and data. You always choose what to share and what to keep private.
In-depth Analysis

Why DGTL Wallet?

DGTL wallet provides opportunities, top-rated services to crypto community

Transaction Record

Secure tracking of all transactions available on wallet dashboard.


Generate invoice specific value by crypto, with custom description & name.

Wallet Control

Private keys/12 words Phrase, control – as we value decentralization, so you will have full control on the wallet.

Portfolio Tracking

You can track your portfolio easily with the portfolio tracking system of DGTL wallet.

Exchange & Swap

P2P Exchange, Fiat Exchange, Cross-Chain Exchange and swap with instant transaction.

External Wallet Support

If you want to use DGTL wallet services just connect your existing wallet and enjoy.

Any Wallet.

DGTL wallet support more than 240 external wallet to connect with it and use DGTL Wallet services like exchange and swap send/receive crypto.

Explore The DGTL wallet Cross-Chain Bridge.